Videographer / Photographer

David Lee

David has been working in the media creation space since 1989 shooting both photo & video.  As a 5 x freediving world record holder and a passionate videographer and photographer, David's skillset puts him in a unique position to be extremely comfortable underwater in compromising situations.   David will shoot anything in front of the lens but primarily focuses on his craft underwater.

Underwater Photography

Underwater Videography

Underwater videography is one of the most difficult skills to learn.  Not only do you have to understand light and the camera tech to capture stunning imagery, you also have to be extremely comfortable in and under the water.  David captures most of his shots freediving.   Once captured, the images go through an extensive post processing workflow to provide the most captivating underwater imagery.  This video shows a variety of color grading techniques, lighting, and composition.

Fine Art

Photography and Cinematography is something that is emotionally close to me.   I shoot to give others a unique perspective and showcase beauty that most miss during their swim through life.   What I shoot is largely based on emotions I'm experiencing at the time of the shoot.  These emotions drive everything from composition, lighting, color, depth, and the subject as well.  This process fuels my emotional attachment to each image.  For this reason I have decided to offer a limited run of each photograph I make.  Thanks for considering owning a piece of my work which is more than just photography for me.  Please contact David if you'd like to inquire about.  Thanks so much.